About our Funding

IDA Colorado Funding

IDA Colorado is part of the global International Dark-sky Association. 

Join the IDA

Membership in the global IDA is through the website at darksky.org.

Global IDA members with a Colorado address are automatically members of the Colorado chapter.

The Colorado chapter has a “Dark Sky Places Fund,” a “Citizen Science Fund,” and the “Lights Out Colorado” program. 

The “Dark Sky Places Fund” awards funds to current and prospective IDA Dark Sky Places for lighting retrofits and other expenses related to the Place’s IDA Dark Sky Place designation. For further information about the IDA’s Dark Sky Places Program, see https://www.darksky.org/our-work/conservation/idsp/. 

The “Citizen Science Fund” creates and promotes Citizen Science projects to get kids and adults involved in our night sky, and gives supporting materials to schools and public libraries. 

The “Lights Out Colorado” program helps migrating birds by limiting light pollution during spring and fall bird migration seasons.  IDA Colorado has a partnership with Denver Audubon to support this program.