Lights Out Colorado

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Lights Out Colorado is a program to help migratory birds. 

The program is jointly sponsored by Audubon Rockies and IDA Colorado.

Lights Out Colorado Actions

  1.  Shut off lights by midnight during bird migration seasons, April-May and August-September. 
  2. Shield outdoor lights.

The voluntary lighting curfew has several common-sense exceptions.  First, lighting activated by motion sensors can stay powered on.  Second, businesses open late can keep their lights on until the business closes.  Third, lighting needed for safety should stay on.  And finally, local governments may choose from a variety of options for public lighting.  Only lighting that is not needed should be shut off. 

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Further information

Learn more about the issue.  Watch video of presentations from experts.  

Discover what governments might choose to do about public lighting. 

Explore some options for residential lighting. 

Lights Out Colorado logo