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Jefferson County People Pledging

Jefferson County people pledging to take actions including turning off lights by midnight, installing shielding, and raising awareness by talking to neighbors. 

Amy D
Amy L
Angela K
Angela L
Ashlee D
David G
Emily T
Felicia S
Janeene P
Janice L
Joey O
Judith R
Judy R
Karen P
Katherine W
Katrena L
Kelly D
Kim H
Laurel S
Leah S
Linda J
Linda K
Lisa C
Marilyn H
Martha K
Mary G
Melanie M
Michael R
Nicki P
Patti H
Patty O
Priscilla’s W
Rebecca F
Robin D
Shelli M
Sherry U
Sidnie O
Susan B
Tracy B
Tricia A
Zachary J

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Add your name to the list of people pledging to help migratory birds. 

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