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Media Kit - Video

The following videos may be used solely by the working press, with proper credit, to illustrate a story about Lights Out Colorado.

Migrating birds and artificial light.

Dr. Kyle Horton narrates this 2-minute video that outlines the problem and his recent research.

Birds Caught in Light from the Tribute in Light

Thousands of birds disoriented and “caught” in the strong unshielded artificial light of New York City’s “Tribute in Lights.” Kyle Horton,, Colorado State University.  See also the radar image.  

Nocturnal Migration Flow

A compilation of 24 years of data on bird migration.  Kyle Horton,, Colorado State University.

Bright Lights in the Big Cities

Bright lights in big cities interfere with the migration of billions of birds.  Kyle Horton,, Colorado State University.

NEXRAD time-lapse

Time-lapse radar images of bird migration during one spring season.  Kyle Horton,, Colorado State University.

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